At the end of each episode the SGS! team likes to recommend things for you to watch, hear or read. Here are links to some of the things that we’ve recommended in the past.


Episode #40: Land of Confusion

Brandon recommended the TV shows “Parenthood” and “Secret Millionaire

Steve recommended The Macallan 18 year old scotch and the 2006 movie “This Is England

Mitch recommended that you see Furthur (the New New Grateful Dead) on tour


Episode #39: Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees

Steve recommended Stuart Cable’s autobiography “Demons & Cocktail: My Life with Stereophonics

Brandon recommended the movie “Cyrus

Mitch recommended Al Stewart’s 1976 masterpiece “Year of the Cat


Episode #38: All-Stars & Oscars

Steve recommended the Gabe Kaplan’s 1979 cinematic masterpiece “Fast Break

Mitch recommended Daryl Hall’s web series “Live From Daryl’s House


Episode #37: Patrick Keeler of The Greenhornes & The Raconteurs

Patrick recommended the new Radiohead album, “The King of Limbs

Steve recommended catching Robert Plant and the Band of Joy with the North Mississippi Allstars Duo (Luther & Cody Dickinson) live in concert

Mitch recommended Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling, and the Scharpling & Wurster comedy duo


Episode #36: Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Steve recommended the restaurants Prince’s Hot Chicken (Nashville, TN) and Ferrell’s Hamburgers (Hopkinsville, KY).

Mitch recommended the book “The Big Rewind” by Nathan Rabin.


Episode #35: Super Bowl XLV Preview

Steve recommended the iPhone App “Flick Golf

Mitch recommended the American Film Institutes Top 100 list and the #7 film “Lawrence of Arabia


Episode #34: State of the Union

Steve recommended the book “Setting Free the Bears” by John Irving

Brandon recommended the short film “I Love Sarah Jane

Mitch recommended the Nike Running Dri-Fit Track Suit


Episode #33: Matt Flynn of Maroon 5

Steve recommended Wax-n-Facts in Atlanta, GA (record store)

Matt recommended Little Dom’s (restaurant) and Ye Rustic (bar) in Silver Lake, CA

Mitch recommended the original “True Grit“, “Miller’s Crossing” and “Once Upon a Time in America


Episode #32: Easily Distracted

Steve recommended Lisa Hannigan’s album “Sea Saw

Brandon recommended UFC 125: Resolutions

Mitch recommended the SGS! message board


Episode #31: For the Birds

Brandon recommended the documentary “Best Worst Movie

Mitch recommended the iPad and the “Angry Birds” game

Steve recommended coaching your children in basketball


Episode #30: Yesterday & Today

Brandon recommended the Daily Show book: “Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

Steve recommended Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Mitch recommended the $5 savings plan


Episode #29: Kevin Youkilis

Steve recommended seeing The Greenhornes live

Kevin recommended the following restaurants: Hog and Rocks (San Fran), Maverick (San Fran), Coppa (Boston), Toro (Boston)

Mitch recommended “III/IV” by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals


Episode #28: Jeff Cesario

Everybody recommended “The Dick Rossi Show at Funny or Die

Jeff recommended the kids TV show “Yo Gabba Gabba

Steve recommended two rare book stores: Book Soup and Mystery Pier Books (Los Angeles, CA)

Mitch recommended the TV shows “Men of a Certain Age” and “Top Chef


Classic Recommendations

Our favorite TV show is obviously: The Wire: The Complete Series

Mitch recommended Al Stewart’s 2009 CD: Uncorked

Brandon recommended the documentary film: “The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Steve recommended the new album by The Greenhornes called: 4 Stars

Mitch recommended the new CD by John Legend and the Roots called: Wake Up!

Steve recommended Bill Burr’s stand-up DVD: Bill Burr: Let It Go

Steve recommended the movie: Winter’s Bone (but not the meth)

Mitch recommended the: Myachi Original Handsack

Steve recommended Michael Chabon’s book: Manhood for Amateurs

Kevin McDonald recommended Ben Mezrich’s book: The Accidental Billionaires

Mitch (reluctantly) recommended Motley Crue’s book: Motley Crue: The Dirt

Brandon recommended Chuck Klosterman’s latest book: Eating the Dinosaur. Upon further review, all 3 of us recommended Chuck’s entire oeuvre: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, Chuck Klosterman IV, Fargo Rock City, Downtown Owl, Killing Yourself to Live

Mitch recommended that you ignore the annoying Salvation Army bell ringers and donate money to your local food shelter (like My Brother’s Table in Lynn, MA.)


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