Here at SGS! we take great pride in our podcasts.  Each and every episode is handcrafted by podcast artisans who follow the ancient traditions of their podcasting ancestors.


Episode 50: Bobby Keys, longtime saxophone player for The Rolling Stones, joins Steve and Mitch to discuss his life and career in rock and roll, including growing up across the street from Buddy Holly, playing with Elvis Presley, meeting The Rolling Stones, becoming a Mad Dog & Englishman, hanging with John Lennon and Harry Nilsson, and much, much more. (7/13/11)

Episode 49: Mitch and Steve celebrate the Bruins and the Mavericks, share some snowy stories, and argue about old managers (Jack McKeon), fictional boxers (Sly Stallone), soft rock, funk music and much, much more. (6/23/11)

Episode 48: Steve and Brandon welcome comedian Bill Burr onto the virtual airwaves to discuss the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, the Seinfeld-sports connection and much, much more. (6/14/11)

Episode 47: Steve and Mitch get into it over the NHL playoffs, Tiki Barber, Vinnie Vincent and KISS, Jim Tressel, old Beatles LPs, and much more. As they say, the show must go on! (6/2/11)

Episode 46: Mitch finally cajoles Steve into telling a bunch of classic stories: opening for Aerosmith, hanging with Diamond Dave, the Tom Waits show that lasted a week, backstage hijinks with Julie Kotter and Todd Marinovich and a few more surprises. It’s an epic podcast for the ages! (5/19/11)

Episode 45: Steve and Mitch find the hidden connections between Albert Haynesworth, Superman, Nic Cage, Zsa Zsa Gabor, the NBA playoffs, Barbara Eden and much, much more in this super-sized podcast return! (4/28/11)

Episode 44: Steve, Brandon and Mitch talk about The Masters, Allen Iverson’s Lamborghini collection, Kenny Britt’s car chase, Lawrence Taylor’s status, Manny Ramirez’ retirement, Betty White’s complaints, Kelly Osbourne’s vacation and much, much more. (4/14/11)

Episode 43: Steve and Mitch (and eventually Brandon) recap the highlights of March Badness, including: Dominque Wilkins, Gloria James, the Canseco and Olsen twins, the Fridge, Snooki, Chris Brown, Quentin Tarantino, Kate Moss, and much, much more. (4/8/11)

Episode 42: Steve, Brandon and Mitch recap the early rounds of NCAA basketball, rescue Cris Collinsworth, break-up with Tiki Barber, serenade Gwyneth Paltrow, get gleeful about Dave Grohl, beam up Sammy Hagar, drop-off Guy Fieri, ink Julia Roberts, and much, much more. (3/24/11)

Episode 41: Jeffrey Gorman of the Indianapolis Colts visits SGS! to talk about his decade on the road with The Black Crowes, making friends with Metallica, and how he went from being a Dancing Crowe to working for an NFL team. Plus, Steve, Mitch and Brandon preview the 2011 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament and make a few recommendations. (3/16/11)

Episode 40: Steve, Brandon and Mitch shed a few tears for the Heat, get busy at BYU, kick-off the madness, celebrate Phil Collins, review the week in Sheen, give Courtney a little love, and much, much more. (3/9/11)

Episode 39: Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees visits SGS! to talk about spring training, Saved By The Bell, clubhouse music, practical jokes, the Sox-Yankees rivalry, Bill Cosby, visiting the White House and much, much more. Plus, Steve, Mitch and Brandon cover off on some spring training news, recap the NBA trades, review the Oscars and make a few recommendations. (3/2/11)

Episode 38: Steve and Mitch talk about Khaddafi and Carmelo, review the NBA All-Star Weekend, remember the oaks, psychoanalyze Jim Gray and Mark Buhrle, make their Oscar picks, celebrate Rod Stewart and much, much more. (2/23/11)

Episode 37: Patrick Keeler, drummer from The Greenhornes & The Raconteurs (he’s a busy guy), joins Steve and Mitch to talk about drumming, Jim Jarmusch, the Grammys, the first half of the NBA season, marathons and waffles, Robocop, Elton John and Billy Joel and much, much more. (2/17/11)

Episode 36: Chad Smith, drummer from the legendary funk and rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers, joins Steve and Mitch to drop some knowledge about Charlie Sheen, all-star jams, Super Bowl XLV (the game, the show and the commercials), the Grammys, the Bee Gees, and much, much more. (2/10/11)

Episode 35: Steve and Mitch preview Super Bowl XLV and are helped by very special guests Chet Waterhouse, Bill Burr and Jeff Cesario. If you only listen to one Super Bowl preview podcast this year, make it this one (or Bill Burr’s). (2/3/11)

Episode 34: Steve, Brandon and Mitch are back to deliver their State of the Union addresses, discuss the NFL playoffs, tee off on the PGA, tell the real deal about Evander Holyfield, review American Idol, reminisce about Armageddon, trace the fall, rise and fall of Ted Williams, reveal Oprah’s secret sister and much, much more. (1/27/11)

Episode 33: Matt Flynn, drummer from Maroon 5, joins Steve and Mitch to discuss: myths about drummers, the NFL playoffs, American Idol, the Golden Globes, Total Recall, Gucci Mane, the B-52s and much, much more. (1/20/11)

Episode 32: Steve, Brandon and Mitch are back to discuss the NFL playoffs and somehow end up talking about The Breakfast Club, How I Met Your Mother, Biggie Smalls, Vanilla Ice, Carnie Wilson, Sammy Hagar, Lynyrd Skynyrd and much, much more. (1/11/11)

Episode 31: Steve, Brandon and Mitch kick off 2011 by sharing resolutions, previewing the NFL wildcard round, reviewing the major NCAA Bowl games and talking about birds (songbirds, dead birds and angry birds). (1/5/11)

Episode 30: Steve, Brandon and Mitch are reunited once again to review the biggest sports, music and pop culture stories of 2010. Our first glorious year on the air comes to a close with some great recommendations. (12/29/10)

Episode 29: Red Sox great Kevin Youkilis joins Steve and Mitch to discuss baseball, music, practical jokes, movies and life in general. This all-star episode goes extra innings with some rocking recommendations. (12/14/10)

Episode 28: Emmy award-winning writer and comedian Jeff Cesario joins Steve and Mitch to discuss: the best TV show that never was, the late night wars, football (3 ways), celebrity virtual suicide and LeBron James’ return to Cleveland.  As usual, our award-winning recommendations close out this episode. (12/8/10)

Episode 27: For nearly 20 years Steve Gorman has been dispensing advice and wisdom to any and all who need it. In this very special episode we collect the best of “What’s Wrong…With Steve?” You’ll call it hilarious. We’ll call it a week off. (11/30/10)

Episode 26: Steve, Brandon and Mitch kick-off the holiday season with a little Thanksgiving Q&A (including the secret connection between Al Pacino and AC/DC), some football talk (Vince Young’s 19th nervous breakdown), more football talk (Seymour’s slap, Childress’s firing, the double Manning meltdown, etc.) and for dessert we’ve got “What’s Wrong…With Steve?” and recommendations. (11/23/10)

Episode 25: Legendary comedian Kevin McDonald joins Steve and Mitch to discuss: the secret history between The Black Crowes and The Kids in the Hall, McNabb and Vick, the beautiful game of soccer, celebrities and comedy, concert regrets and more. Of course, we get the last laugh with recommendations. (11/17/10)

Episode 24: Steve, Brandon and Mitch celebrate the end of the NYC run by discussing the squabbling Rolling Stones, week 9 NFL action, fighting jockeys, early-season NBA results, Jim Morrison’s legacy, Conan’s debut and more. We close up shop with a concise “What’s Wrong…With Steve?” and recommendations. (11/9/10)

Episode 23: Comedian Bill Burr joins Steve and Mitch to talk about guitar gods, wrestling legends, hair metal, Favre & Moss, Charlie Sheen’s wild week and much, much more, including a bizarre (yet touching) “What’s Wrong…With Steve?“. (11/4/10)

Episode 22: Steve, Brandon and Mitch reminisce about Halloween, apologize to Junior Seau, track down Randy and Evi Quaid, cover the weekly football action, size up Mike Tyson and Mel Gibson, preview the NBA season and break down Axl’s ride. This sweet episode wraps up with “What’s Wrong…With Steve?” and recommendations. (10/26/10)

Episode 21: Steve, Brandon and Mitch are back with their biggest episode ever! Things kick off with the guys taking a highly revealing personality quiz. Then they move on down the line to cover Brett Favre and the NFL, Sister Wives and polygamy, MLB playoff action, Weezer’s arch-enemy and much more. Naturally things wrap up with “What’s Wrong…With Steve?” and recommendations. (10/20/10)

Episode 20: The boys celebrate their landmark 20th episode by discussing Ian McLagan and sit-in etiquette, Kevin Mitchell and his slugging ways, Katy Perry and her puppet friends, Reggie Bush and his Heisman award, and much, much more. (9/29/10)

Episode 19: Brandon returns to join Mitch and Steve in an exciting tripodcast! Along the way they scuffle with Kid Rock at the Waffle House, break down week 2 of NFL action, argue about Monty Python, house squat with Randy Quaid, answer your questions and make a few recommendations. (9/23/10)

Episode 18: Mitch calls Steve in Knoxville, TN to talk about The Black Crowes’ induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, tackle week 1 of NFL action, take a bite out of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, go for a joyride with George Michael, get into a fight with Michael Richards, get angry with Lou Reed, quit Twitter with John Mayer and much more. We guarantee a good time, but please, no eye contact. (9/16/10)

Episode 17: Steve checks in with Mitch from Salt Lake City to discuss the first two weeks of The Black Crowes’ tour, Roger Clemens’ indictment, Lou Pinella’s retirement and Dustin Johnson’s grounding. It all wraps up with an unexpected visit to the White House with Don Rickles. (8/31/10)

Episode 16: This week, Mitch and Steve start by talking about the 15th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death and somehow end up at Prince’s Paisley Park, with visits from the Allman Brothers, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Slash and Shaq along the way. (8/13/10)

Episode 15: This week, Mitch interviews Steve about Croweology and 20 years of Black Crowes music. Plus, a surprise treat that all Amoricans will enjoy. (7/28/10)

Episode 14: This week, Steve and Brandon can’t get enough of the Oranje, are getting way too much of LeBron and just the right amount of Mel and LiLo. All this plus What’s Wrong…With Steve? and much, much more. (7/8/10)

Episode 13: Steve checks in from an undisclosed location in San Francisco and is joined by Sven Pipien and Adam ‘Cutlets’ Richards to discuss the latest World Cup, NBA and Mel Gibson-related news. (7/2/10)

Episode 12: Steve shares a few quick thoughts on Wednesday’s U.S. vs. Algeria World Cup match. The U.S. currently controls their own fate and can make it to the round of 16 with a win over Algeria in their final group match. (6/22/10)

Episode 11: This week, Steve and Brandon remember Stereophonics founding drummer Stuart Cable, break down the Celts-Lakers NBA finals match-up (and the epic Lady Gaga-Katy Perry throw-down) and make predictions for the 2010 World Cup. (That’s soccer, by the way.) (6/10/10)

Episode 10: After a short hiatus Steve and Brandon are back to catch-up on all the big stories: the NBA playoffs, Ronnie James Dio’s death, LeBron’s future and Floyd Landis’ past. Plus, a highly politicized edition of What’s Wrong…With Steve? (5/27/10)

Episode 9: The SGS! team heads to Louisville for a star-studded weekend at the Kentucky Derby. Grab a mint julep and join the guys as they hit the Oaks, the Barnstable-Brown Gala and the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby. It’s gonzo journalism at its finest! (5/5/10)

Episode 8: Podcast #8 = Picks (NFL draft), playoffs (NBA & NHL), Plundered My Soul(the “new” Rolling Stones single), poltergeists and pollen. Plenty of pollen. (In other words, it’s a typical day at the SGS! rock and roll sports factory with Steve and Brandon.)

Episode 7: The request line is open as Steve and Brandon talk about the topics you’ve been asking for: Mixed Martial Arts, Record Store Day, the NBA playoffs and horrific sports injuries. Plus, we’ve got yet another installment of What’s Wrong…With Steve? (4/28/10)

Episode 6: It’s another action-packed ‘cast with Steve and Brandon: Baseball starts, Mickelson finishes, Roethlisberger is out (of trouble) and The Beatles are in (at the Vatican). Plus, Steve delivers the cold, hard truth in a touching installment of What’s Wrong…With Steve? (4/21/10)

Episode 5: Steve vs. Brandon. Butler vs. Duke. McNabb vs. Philadelphia. Tiger vs. Jesse James. Elian Gonzales vs. Jimmy Page. You’ll find all this and more in the latest exciting edition of the Steve Gorman Sports! podcast. (4/14/10)

Episode 4: Steve and Brandon answer the tough questions: Why all the hatred for Duke? Should Abba be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? What’s up with Erykah Badu’s new video? Also, Steve reminisces about Alex Chilton of Big Star. (4/7/10)

Episode 3: Steve and Brandon apply their special brand of “journalism” to the big topics of the week: March Madness, Tiger’s sadness, American Idol badness and NFL overtime-ness. Wrapping things up this week is a celebrity-filled installment of What’s Wrong…With Steve?

Episode 2: Steve Gorman and Brandon Gnetz crank up the Gormatron 3000 just in time to help you make your first and second round picks for the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. Also featured is a very special sports-themed installment of What’s Wrong…With Steve? (4/1/10)

Episode 1: Steve Gorman and Brandon Gnetz make a triumphant return to the airwaves in the very first episode of the STEVE GORMAN SPORTS! podcast.  This week the guys talk about, well, just about everything that’s happened in the last 9 months.  Also featured is the emotionally-charged audio debut of What’s Wrong…With Steve? (3/26/10)


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